Booking system
for housing associations

Booking system for your housing association. Residents can book, pay and receive an SMS code with access to for.ek's welfare room, village house, welfare house or guest dormitory.

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Features for landlord

Everything in one place

Gather all your rental objects in one place.


Overview of approved, pending and rejected bookings. 

Instant booking

Activate instant booking. Find, pay and receive access information by SMS.

BankID verification

Activate bankID verification for secure rental and require the tenant to approve your terms.  

Forms of payment

Vipps, Visa / mastercard, own invoicing or our invoicing partners.


Email notification on all bookings. Both for landlord and tenant.

Publish on your website

Let the user journey start from your own website.


Integration to several payment solutions and access systems. 

What do people say

We have saved so much time by moving away from excel sheets and physical keys. 

Booking and payment is seamless and our residents receive an access code by SMS just before the rental time. Everything runs smoothly by itself and we can spend more time on what gives our residents value.

Hans Arentz

The board of the Maridalsveien housing association

We want to create a good living environment for our residents and therefore have a village house that is used for companies and other gatherings. We had security arrangements on booking and key. That is why we wanted to automate the entire journey. From booking to opening the door. This saves us a lot of work and we don't have to use the time of our wonderful residents who dealt with this before on a voluntary basis.
Hans Finstad

Chairman, Karisveien housing association

OBOS magazine

Read about fully automated booking for housing associations in OBOS magazine, page 49

Why use a booking system for housing associations?

Free up time

Today, an unnecessary amount of time is spent on the administration of rentals. Many telephones, e-mails and everything from Excel sheets to simple calendars to manage the rental. Do you recognise your self? Then we have the solution for you. By using the self-service rental solution from Gibbs AS, you can automate the customer journey. Let the customer find the rental properties, see when they are available and pay. So that you can free up time for value creation.

2. Better utilization and increased revenues

Do not leave premises or resources unused. Make better use of capacity by allowing more people to use the resources. Publish meeting rooms, conference rooms, function rooms, welfare rooms, village halls, guest dormitories, sports facilities, equipment and other rental objects. In addition, it will increase rental income.

3. Easier user experience

We live in a time where the end user has greater expectations than before. Everything should be simple and run smoothly. By using self-service rental, you are helping to create a better rental experience for your tenants and customers.

Complete feature list

Here you will find a complete function list that gives you an overview of all available functions. You can explore the list and easily find what you are looking for. read more here 

Booking system,, with online payment

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