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Our booking solutions are adapted for all industries.

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Booking system for all industries

Booking system for municipalities

Suitable for: Sports facilities, function rooms, meeting rooms, equipment, outdoor areas, volunteer centre

Booking system for housing associations

Suitable for: Village house, guest dormitory, welfare room, common room

Booking system for cabins

Suitable for: Company cabins, treetop cabins, sharing cabins

Booking system for sauna

Suitable for: Indoor sauna, outdoor sauna, floating sauna

Booking system for cultural buildings

Suitable for: Cultural hall, cultural scenes, cultural center

Booking system for visitor centre

Suitable for: Science centre, knowledge centre, museum, national park

Booking system for climbing centre

Suitable for: Indoor climbing walls, climbing halls, bouldering walls

Booking system for climbing park

Suitable for: Outdoor climbing parks

Booking system for stock

Suitable for: Storage rooms, mini-warehouses, shared warehouses and stalls

Booking system for camping

Suitable for: Camping parking, camping cabins, camping communal washroom

Booking system for marinas

Suitable for: Boat moorings, short-term rental of marinas rented out by associations

Booking system for parking spaces

Suitable for: Parking space for residents

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Smart booking system with algorithms 

Season booking for municipalities

Suitable for: municipalities, teams and associations and sports councils

Classroom and teacher matchmaking algorithm (contact for demo)

Suitable for: Colleges, universities, secondary schools and secondary schools

Waiting list algorithm for municipalities and companies (contact for demo)

Suitable for: Shift guard, roster for companies and the health sector

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Application portal for events

Application portal for events

Suitable for: municipalities

This offer is aimed at municipalities that want to become more organiser-friendly. When events are to be organised, there are many parties involved. It can be challenging to know which applications need to be submitted, who to contact and what is required to run a successful event. Therefore, we offer a solution that gives organizers an overview and public actors control. Would you like to learn more about how we can help you?

Intelligent temperature and current monitoring  

Get control over the temperature of the village house, the welfare room or the cabin. Allow the customer to come to a heated room and leave the room at a lower temperature after checking out. We put together a package so that you can save on electricity costs at the rental properties.

Monitor the temperature of your tenants

Take control of the heating of unused rental properties. Activate and monitor heat when your customers check in and out

CV database solution

Find resources and expertise internally

Solution for both municipalities and companies. Register the competence of employees in one place so that you can easily find the right resource within the organisation.

You have more talents and more involvement in your own organization than you may realize. The employees possess personal characteristics, skills, experiences and formal education that it is important for you to know. By looking internally for resources and expertise, you will be able to save money and create a more efficient organization with employees who are more motivated.

The value of the business lies in the competence of the employees, but unfortunately there are many businesses that today lack a systematic overview of this competence, as well as tools to map it.

That is why we offer a CV database solution which is a register of the competence that lies within the organisation. Collected in one place so you can easily find the right resource within the organisation. Suitable for both municipalities and companies.

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