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Self-service rental for Maridalsveien housing association - Book, pay and access code by sms
February 7, 2022
Last month, we worked on a very exciting project together with Maridalsveien housing association where OBOS is the business manager. This is a housing association that has a major commitment to creating a pleasant living environment.
One of the focus areas for the housing association is the rental offer for the residents. Where over 350 apartments have access to rent welfare premises, and guest accommodation for whenever they need it. For example whether it should be a gathering or just that the residents get overnight guests and want more space. With so many residents and only one caretaker to handle rentals, there has been increased pressure on caretakers. The board was therefore looking for a self-service rental solution that automates the entire process. So that the rental is self-propelled and user-friendly. Thus, the board has contacted us to create a solution.  We will take a closer look at the challenges that arose from managing rentals and what the board's goal was.

What are the challenges and what routine tasks can be automated?


  • Caretaker spends a lot of time accepting reservations and cancellations
  • Keep track of availability, who rents when and where.
  • Delivery of key to the customer and invoicing.


  • Customers should be able to find free time, book and pay online.
  • The solution must be connected to an electronic door lock and accounting system.
  • The solution must be 100% self-propelled.
This is where we in Gibbs AS come in. With all the projects we have been involved in, we have a strong understanding of what makes the user experience for booking better and how to eliminate manual tasks.

How did we set up the solution?

There are three parts that we have looked at for the rental to be 100% self-propelled:

1. Book


3. Open

1. Booking system Som hvilken som helst webapplikasjon, så bør brukeropplevelsen være i sentrum. Vi har gjort det så enkelt som mulig for brukere å se oversikt over ledige dager i formatet kalendervisning som de fleste er kjent med. Her velger man fra og til dato og deretter kalkuleres prisen. Brukeren fyller ut kontaktinfo og samtidig er et tydelig kostnadssammendrag over det som bookes på samme side. Payment Når brukeren har godkjent vilkårene for leie, så videresendes de direkte til betalingsvinduet. Her kan de velge å betale med Vipps, Visa/MasterCard eller faktura. Når en bruker har fullført en bestilling, sendes det umiddelbart en e-post med ordrebekreftelse som inneholder alle nøkkeldetaljene for bookingen til kunden. 3. Open the door by sms One hour before the rental time, the user receives an SMS with a code to open the door. This code is only valid during the rental period, so that misuse is avoided. In addition, the locks from Igloohome do not require either the internet or a connection to electricity.

1. Mounting the lock 

2. Integration with the booking system

3. Testing av låsen

The locks are developed and supplied by Igloohome

Låsene er levert av det innovative selskapet Igloohome. Låsene som er benyttet er Mortise 2+. Les mer om leverandøren og låsene på https://www.igloohome.co/products/mortise-2-plus The unique thing about Igloohome's locks is that they do not require either internet access or electricity.


Så.. Hva gjør et utleieobjekt hel automatisert slik at det er selvgående og friksjonsfritt? Vel, kort sagt så må dette på plass: Intuitiv bookingsystem, automatisk godkjenning av bookinger, integrasjon til dørlåsene og et sms verktøy.

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