About us

Who are we?

We are a start-up company from 2019 with a passion for simplifying processes using IT. We are a team of 7 employees and 9 externals who share the same philosophy. We have high technical expertise and are constantly looking for new challenges and improve our skills.

For larger projects or very demanding deadlines, Gibbs AS has the opportunity to use the Scott group, which is ISO 9001 certified and has as many as 30 developers with knowledge of Gibbs' technical architecture at its disposal.

What are we doing?

We have specialized in automating routine tasks using digital technology and have developed expertise in the rental and administration of rental properties, as well as the development of an algorithm-driven timetable.

Our vision

We wish to give customers more time for value creation by automating routine tasks through digital technology and offers a range of products at Gibbs-produkter.no. We believe in the value of sharing experiences and creating bonds between people, and have a well-functioning digital platform/marketplace for those who want to offer services for various events such as neighborhood parties, anniversaries, team building. The aim is to make it easier and more affordable to create memorable gatherings.

The team

Kamil Gryga

Managing director and co-founder of Gibbs AS. System architect and UX designer with six years' experience in the IT sector. Has led interdisciplinary and multicultural teams, combined new IT technology with existing systems and designed systems to meet customer specifications. Bachelor's degree in innovation and project management from Østfold University College

Trond Aaslid

Has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and economics, and is the founder and owner of Megahjul. He has acquired several ISO certifications from Scott Safe Consulting and is an Odoo partner. As a strategy and IT architect, he delivers IT services to offshore companies that are looking for usable spare parts for the shipping and oil sectors. He is also a researcher on tire types and has developed a unique tire and rim configurator, as well as his own world-class tire and rim profiles for electric cars that have often become test winners.

Ahmed Aboughonim

Algorithm specialist and full-stack developer Has a doctorate in information and communication technology from the University of Agder, and a master's degree in system dynamics from the University of Bergen. Ahmed has built mathematical and statistical models, algorithms and software. He has also worked as a researcher at the University of Agder and developed a System Dynamics simulation model for the Resilience Maturity Model. Ahmed has also worked as an ICT consultant at GISNOR, where he automated business processes and built an online presence for organisations.

Stig Ruben Hansen

Integration developer with good knowledge of distributed software architecture and experience in software design and development of integration applications. He has worked as an integration developer at Gibbs AS since August 2022. Previously, he worked as a developer and project manager at Simpleness, where he coordinated activities with other developers to ensure that integration projects are completed on time and was responsible for developing recipes for Rema 1000 and implementation of search engine Angolia for Jernia. He has a bachelor's degree in information technology from Østfold University College, Halden.

Abdi Yusuf

Responsibility for business development, customer responsibility, partnership. and is a co-founder of Gibbs AS. Holds a bachelor's degree in innovation and management from Østfold University College. Experience as project manager for the development of a festival solution for Opera Østfold, a complex project that involved 3 municipalities and developed the unique solution Gibbs season booking algorithm

Tor Arne Moxheim

Co-founder of Gibbs AS since 2021 with responsibility for strategy, investor relations, partnerships and business development.
Background as a university lecturer from the business schools at USN and Innlandet University College and the IT department at Østfold University College.
Special field is social economy together with information economy and digital markets.
Civil economist from NHH with experience as purchasing manager from national and international food companies

Sunil Kumar

Frontend developer with over 9 years of experience and a passion for responsive website design. He has been responsible for HTML, CSS and JavaScript code structures at Gibbs AS and implemented SASS and a new responsive approach at Gibbs.no. Previously he was a freelancer working with web development, web design and app development. He has a Master's degree in computer programming and a Bachelor's degree in web development and programming from HP University.

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