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Rent out the cabin? here are 4 things you should think about
In these times of higher electricity prices, rising inflation and higher interest rates, any extra income is welcome. The cabin may not be used as much as before, while the costs for it have increased.

Did you know that many people are interested in renting your cabin for a weekend or a week during their holiday?

If you are looking for tips on how you can cover your costs and earn from the cabin when it is vacant, we have collected tips for you who want to rent out your cabin in the best possible way.

There are four factors you need to think about:

  1. Visibility
  2. Reliable tenants
  3. Administration – online payment, calendar and automated access
  4. Automate access to the cabin

1. Visibility

Rental channels such as and AirBnB give you good visibility, the search options through filters and maps are extensive. Some customers have experienced that such channels can significantly increase the price of the cabin and, in addition, it happens that the calendar that should show when the cabin is occupied does not always update and requires extra action from you. This means that there will be inquiries to rent the cabin when it is already occupied, and perhaps also vice versa. The channel does not keep what it promises when it comes to simplifying administration. It often helps you to make the cabin visible, find a tenant and take payment immediately, but it stops there. These channels often have many landlords and users and thus a lot of information about landlords' experiences with tenants. So-called reviews that can help you filter out profiles with a bad reputation. In this sense, you will achieve good visibility, find tools that more or less help tenants find you and you will often be able to find reliable tenants. But this often costs more than what feels reasonable, and in some cases it makes the cabin rent more expensive, so much so that the customer withdraws.

2. Reliable tenants 

A modern booking system will benefit from all this, and ideally be able to offer to find the "right tenants" and make the booking as automatic as possible. Here you can also enter conditions for rent that the tenant must approve before renting. In addition, tenants are verified with BankID or Vipps.

3. Administration tool – booking system 

When you rent out the cabin through or other channels, you may want to have a good booking system that allows your potential customers to find available time and pay online. So that you avoid a lot of correspondence and wasting time. A modern booking system understands your needs to be able to coordinate the rental with when you want to use the cabin yourself, how you want to price it with additional services etc. Additional services can then be for extra bed/space, bed linen, firewood, electricity, canoe, leisure boat, sauna, for fishing etc.

There are also booking systems out there that are built on a freemium model, which surprisingly can give you many of the tools you will need when renting out - completely free of charge! Many cabin owners spend a lot of time managing the cabin through telephones and emails, writing to-do lists, and there is a risk of mistakes and misunderstandings. frees up your time to think more about how you want to profile the cabin, optimize hits on your website, etc. For example, the company Gibbs AS has developed a booking system that has thought through all aspects of the customer journey and makes it easy for you to post a cabin for rent and then for interested parties to quickly rent it.

Automate rental: Image shows booking system, payment and when the customer receives an SMS code to open the rental object
A link to your advertisement on on your Facebook/Instagram page where you usually profile and market the cabin, so interested parties can easily check when it is available, send a request to rent, or rent immediately and pay on e.g. e.g. Vipps. Gibbs can also integrate the booking solution on your website so that it appears that the booking takes place on your own domain. Through an iFrame, the tool is ready for use and ordering can be done directly from your website.

4. Tips for digital locks for cabins 

A digital lock, such as a key box or a keyless lock, enables the tenant to book a cabin and then to unlock and lock the cabin again. This makes check-in and check-out easy and comfortable for the tenant, and at the same time gives the landlord control over access to the cabin. These locks work without electricity or internet.

1. Keyless lock

Image of demo door with installed digital lock

2. Automate rental with a digital key box 

Digital key box

Free booking system 

You can choose from several types of customer trips on according to your needs, but the general rule is that if you want to handle the payment yourself, the booking system is free. For a limited period, we offer a two-digit number of new customers to try the system for free for the rest of the year in exchange for only paying 3 % of the rent (this does not go to us but to the payment solution Nets). We offer a completely free booking system for cabins. We have a premium version also with integration to the locking system. You will then be able to rent out the cabin with an electronic code, without being dependent on the internet.

Booking system,, with online payment
Would you like to know more about the free booking system for cabins? See how Gibbs AS has automated rental for Maridalsveien: Self-service rental for Maridalsveien or see how a demo rental object works at:

Want to get started? contact us here!

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