How to allocate times at a sports facility fairly?

Together with Lørenskog, Sarpsborg and Enebakk municipalities, we will develop a super system that organizes and allocates time to teams, associations and companies.

The problem

Every year, different clubs, teams and associations have to go through a process where they have to apply for fixed times for their sports activities. The municipalities shall then, to the best of their ability, allocate these times fairly and in accordance with adopted guidelines. 

All teams, associations, individuals, companies or others who are going to rent a sports hall or gymnasium for an entire season must apply for this at the beginning of each year. This is done today through an application form in most municipalities. The process takes an extremely long time for both the applicant and the municipality. Everything from 1 to 3 months in total. 

There are several challenges that arise for both municipalities and for applicants. 

Here are some of the challenges we have identified:

For applicants:

  1. Time consuming to fill out form 
  2. Must go through the same process every year
  3. Allocate time to teams & associations

For municipalities:

  1. Extremely many forms to deal with 
  2. Manual process to make the solitaire go up 
  3. Distribute time fairly to all applicants  

Imagine that you get 100 applications for training times. Each application has times for 10-50 teams that want different times. In addition, 10-20 different sports halls and gymnasiums are being applied for, which are divided into courses. On top of the cake come battles and changes of times. 

All of this should be entered into Excel sheets to create an overview and then assigned fairly based on some criteria such as age, number of members or level. 

Can you imagine how extremely demanding it is?

We want to do something about this! In collaboration with Enebakk, Lørenskog and Sarpsborg municipalities, we have set ourselves the goal of automating this process so that all parties involved saves time, sheep fair allocation and better user experience.

By further developing's booking system, we will change the way season booking is done in the future. This in close collaboration with the municipalities. 

We are finally looking forward to the result! 

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