24-hour rental

24-hour rental is suitable for various types of rental properties such as cabins, country houses, apartments, equipment, cars and boats. This means that customers can rent rental properties for a single day or several consecutive days. A minimum number of days that can be rented and a maximum number of days can also be added.

This can be useful, for example, for a short weekend trip, a temporary housing solution or a day trip on the lake. For landlords, round-the-clock rental offers the opportunity to increase rental income by offering the rental object to several customers within a short period. This can be particularly beneficial for rental properties that are in high demand for a shorter period, such as boats in the summer or cabins in the winter.

With Gibbs, booking is easy and safe, where customers can search for available rental properties, choose dates and times and pay for the booking. The Gibbs team verifies both landlords and tenants and provides support and assistance throughout the rental process.

Test yourself here: Demo 24/7

It is also possible to require that tenants are verified with BankID in order to book. Read more about BankID here