Over 100 booking system functions 

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Booking system

Time slot-based rental

Set predefined times (Mon at 07:00-16:00 and Mon at 16:00- 22:00) 

24-hour rental

Rent out single or consecutive days


Hourly & recurring rental

Allow bookings to be as short as 15 min

Self-service for your customers

Instant booking

Choose whether requests are approved by you or whether you let your customers book immediately

Automatic access & access control

By connecting a digital lock together with the system, the entire user journey can be automated 100%

Automatic translation

Automatic translation of your rental ad into several languages (Norwegian, English, Swedish and Danish)

BankID verification

Activate bankID verification for secure rental and require the tenant to approve your rental terms.


Automates tasks such as heat management, accounting, invoicing and access control

Before and after pictures

Require the tenant to take before and after photos of places/things  

(Coming soon)

Payment solutions & pricing 

Online payment

Enable customers to pay instantly 24/7. The landlord doesn't have to lift a finger!


Offline payment

Payments are not made via Gibbs.no, but rather are made manually between landlord and tenant outside the platform


Pricing of rental properties

The rental prices can be divided into different types such as hourly price, daily price, weekend price and time slot price

Discount codes/Coupons

Give a percentage or fixed discount to your tenants, members or loyal customers 


Target group discount

Create your own target groups and give your own prices per target group

 Visibility & communication 

Calendar with availability

Show availability on info screen or tablet (The calendar is responsive)

Integration to your website

You will receive a customized link from us that you can post on your website so that the user journey to the customer starts on your website


Optimized for seo: be seen on gibbs.no or limit booking to members only or internal groups. 

Messaging system

Conversations related to specific enquiries/bookings


Email & SMS notification

Referral system

On Gibbs.no, users can give reviews of the rental properties, and soon it will also be possible to display the reviews found on Google

Administration of bookings and rental properties

Administration calendar

Manage bookings and get an overview of the availability of your rental properties. 

Administration calendar on steroids

The calendar allows you to easily switch between day, week, month and agenda view, search by customer. Super simple drag-and-drop functionality etc


Rental objects

Publish and manage your rental properties, set opening hours, add description, prices, photos and videos. Unlimited number of rental objects 🙂

User roles and access

Decide who can manage rental properties with you

Internal booking

Allow only those in your organization/domain to book

Activity log

A log of who, what and when things were done



See your earnings and payments from gibbs.no

Contact and key information

Make the tenants aware of important information you want to provide


Double booking checker

The system will notify you if your manual changes could lead to double booking

Booking overview

See all your bookings in table format and export as necessary in csv format

Customer list

Overview and contact information for everyone who has booked