Booking system
for guest harbor and berth

Booking system for your berth. Boaters can book and pay online.

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Do you want to rent out your boat berth when you are out on the lake yourself?

We offer online booking of guest ports on our digital marketplace Many boaters with slightly larger boats will need a safe and sheltered harbor during their boating holiday this summer. When you are on a boating holiday yourself, your berth can be an attractive harbor for others when "everyone" is on the sea at the same time. With, you let others book your berth in advance so that they know they have a safe harbor to dock at when the day is over, regardless of weather and wind conditions.

As a landlord, you will therefore be able to offer boaters a safe and predictable harbor to dock in, while at the same time making money on a berth that would otherwise be empty.

Your berth + = true 

Do yourself and others a favor - a boat berth is a resource - now you can share it!

The platform offers simple and secure online booking, and you will have full control through a user-friendly administration portal and seamless payment solution. Enter photos of the guest harbour, indicate the boat's daily rent, availability, location and size and the site's facilities. You get a request and answer yes or no depending on whether you use your space yourself. Your ad will receive a unique QR code which you can also print out and attach to a charging post/water dispenser if you wish. The rental period is, as a general rule, from 12 noon to 12 noon the next day. You will be searchable by location and size of berth.

Get in touch with us today and we will create an advert together and optimize it for search. You are also welcome to try creating the ad yourself and easily post a link on a preferred social media, Facebook, Insta, etc. See prices in the field above to the right, if you choose all the functions with an online payment solution, you only share 7 % of the rent with us.

Remember to read through the section 'Terms and conditions' at the bottom of the page before creating your ad. We aim to provide even more exciting new features for the 2024 season. Remember that this is not just a platform for renting boat space, if you have any property, equipment etc. that you do not use, you can share it with us.

Everything in one place - now it's easy to rent out your berth. 

Features for landlord

Everything in one place

Gather all your rental objects in one place.


Overview of approved, pending and rejected bookings. 

Instant booking

Activate instant booking.
Find, pay and get access info via sms.

BankID verification

Activate bankID verification for secure rental and require the tenant to approve your terms.  

Forms of payment

Vipps, Visa / mastercard, own invoicing or our invoicing partners.


Email notification on all bookings. Both for landlord and tenant.

Publish on your website

Let the user journey start from your own website or your social media.



Integration to several payment solutions and access systems. 

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